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Must try these 2 best, easy and refreshing summer deserts:- Royal falooda and Rasmalai.

ROYAL FALOODA Falooda keeps your mind sane and cool. Just like knowledge brings genius out of fools.? I am so excited to share falooda recipe with you guys today. This is my most favorite recipe that I make in summer whenever I crave for some dessert. Its very delicious and yummy beverage dessert that is …


3 Easy oreo delicious recipes :- ice cream, cold coffee, chocolate tart/cake.

OREO ICE-CREAM “Life is like an ICE CREAM enjoy it before it melts?” To cool you down in this hot summer. Make easy homemade oreo ice cream without machine. This ice cream recipe is eggless and you need only 3 ingredients and few minutes of work to make this delicious ice cream. RECIPE Ingredients Oreo …