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What problems can Multigoogle solve for me?

Multigoogle is great for comparing price from more than 1 web site. What is more, you can shop from home. All you need is a major credit card. You can buy a multitude of goods - from online auctions, apparel, pet supplies, auto parts, electronics, health, jewelry and sporting goods. Multigoogle is an online mall with hundreds of national stores. With Multigoogle you can search the individual search engines including Yahoo, Bing and Google with multiple open browsers.

is an online shopping mall

These are web sites that enable a multi-vendor checkout system enabling retailers to sell in one portal and allow the consumer to check out with one single credit card transaction. Collections of many traders with different offers directly on the same web site as are also sometimes known as virtual shopping malls. With online shopping is most convenient for individuals that don’t have time to go to the store. If you’re busy with an online job or online classes then online shopping can sometimes be more convenient. It’s also convenient since you don’t have to drive, catch the bus, wait in a long line, or deal with not being able to find an item. All you have to do is type in the item you’re looking for on and it’s there. Once you find the item, you can order it at anytime because online stores never close.

Mall vs. Multigoogle
With online shopping, we are no longer required to visit malls to make a purchase. By just sitting at the comfort of our homes, we can buy the required products and also pay online. Online shopping is fast, convenient with your goods reaching you at your door step. There is now no need to drive down to the mall, saving you money, time, and effort. However the biggest gain is the environment, thanks to the green purchase. Also while purchases at physical shops by customers is restricted by several factors like distance, transport, shop timings etc., there are no such barriers to online shopping at Multigoogle. It is no wonder that online shopping is growing by leap and bounds year-over-year. is a meta search engine

It is a search tool that uses another search engine's data to produce it's own results from the Internet. meta search engines take input from a user and simultaneously send out queries to third party search engines for results. meta search means instead of getting results from one search engine, you'll be getting the best combined results from a variety of engines, and not just any engines, but industry leading engines like Google and Yahoo!. is easy to use, providing better results with more coverage of the Web, and you don’t need an advanced degree to make it work. All you do is enter your search into the text box, click checkbox(es), and click "Search". The results will take care of themselves. Search more engines with, get the best results from more of the Web and do it all easily.

Mission Statement:
To provide a unique experience by simultaneously opening browser windows. The vision is to make a simpler method to compare search terms, retail merchandise, etc. Multigoogle is limited by your imagination. If you can spell it or buy it there is an excellent chance you will find it here.
Multigoogle values honesty.

Contact us for information and/or feedback.
SMS and Land Line: 1 585 359 0413

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